mojo x Arts

Mojo is proud to be amongst artists and craftsmen who have contributed to the set up and construction of the space. If you are an artist and need a place to showcase your talents, write to us at

Jojie Atomick // Visual Artist

Atomick is a visual artist from Singapore. Initially a practitioner of the urban arts, he majored in Fine Arts in Lasalle College of the Arts and eventually ventured into other visual art platforms.


Morgan Yeo // Carpenter

Morgan is part of the team at Roger&Sons. Roger&Sons is a Singaporean woodworking studio that specialises in custom-made furniture. They make and design bespoke furniture for homes, offices and retail brands. They also refurbish antique furniture.

Roger&Sons was started by Morgan's late father 28 years ago and their goal at Roger&Sons is to preserve the vanishing trade of carpentry in SIngapore

Ael Lim // Tattoo Artist

Ael Lim is a 3D arts graduate who prefers conventional pencils on papers than computer screens, he decided one day to re-invent himself in the field of tattooing. By experiencing everyday simple observations, constant detachments in the multi dimensional field of art, eventually re-applying them on paper progressively on skin is what derives intense satisfaction. Captivated by the energy of nature in it’s epic depths and simplicity, it’s thrilling to put together observations of nature and bits of imagination wild. He hopes one day to be able to fully communicate new ideas, observations and restyle them on any forms of media. Tattooing is by far the greatest love he has found til date, and in his efforts he was awarded two awards during 1st Singapore Convention 2009 for “Best in Realism” and “Best in Cover-ups” categories.


George Fum // Florist

George has been in the floral business for a decade, attending to high net worth clients and private clinics in Asia. He has also been a Pâtissier for most parts of his life.