Our Story:

Mojo is fast paced Grain & Protein Bowl place by day and by night we transform into a modern izakaya that serves up rice bowls, yakitori, sakes and more. We think of ourselves as enablers of good living and here to recreate fast food: slow food in 90 seconds- from the moment you step in till you’re served.

We started Mojo with a conviction- to change how fast food is done and feed masses with honest food that’s healthy, nutrient packed and real tasty. We work closely with strong purveyors and embrace change fast. We aim to not just be a single outlet establishment, but really, to work and build a brand and community that can be an enabler of change and good living.



Beyond Food: Mojo 360

We are building a community where can we work intimately with strong brands that compliment us; a network made up of synergistic energy. We’d like to call it Mojo 360. Think how great it’d be if you can head for yoga somewhere, dine at Mojo, cycle to your next location, drop your laundry off and shop for fresh ingredients when you’re done with your day, all using Mojo Credits. It can be done- if we build a strong community that cares.


Mojo Community: 

Our aim to build a company that feels for it’s employees, helps the communities we work in, build new ecosystems that encourages likeminded individuals to come together and really, to do great things. Mojo is (a) slang for Magic and everything we do, we build it upon the virtuous cycle, to create magic for people who lack that mojo in life. We strongly believe good breeds good, great breeds great and we really are the average of the five people we work or live with. We have been fortunate to be around great minds, characters, role models and mentors in the very early stages of our personal and business lives.

As we scale Mojo, outlet by outlet, we aim to employ not by academic standards but by true character, performance and grit. What we do for our employees, we should do the same for the community we work in- work with good farmers that treat and respect life, the makers, the movers and individuals who truly have pride and dignity in what they do. When good comes together, we believe, only then, there will be longevity for Mojo. We are here to make a change, to solve a problem in every city we go to. To make healthy eating accepted by the masses. We can all do this if we understand the people. Work with them, eat with them, live with them. Healthy food can be accepted widely if we localize them, vertically integrate and push value up, not price. This is us, working our Mojo to revolutionizing food and to make fast food good for once.